African Son Wildlife Services - Facilitating research in aid of conservation

Post-graduate student? See our services for examples of how we can assist your projects.

Do you need someone to facilitate an international wildlife research project for you?

What we do

African Son provides everything you need to see your proposal become a reality – from advice on planning to practical expertise in the field.

Whether in collaboration with a university or an individual, our role is to supply research projects with the required opportunities for data and sample collection as well as essential services like providing equipment and qualified personnel.

Why we do it

Amidst many environmental and socio-economic crises on the African continent, our wildlife is coming under increasing pressure. At African Son we want to do as much as we can to expand scientific knowledge and skills in order to aid the conservation of Africa’s magnificent wildlife.

How we do it

We create opportunities for research mostly by involving private game owners, not only utilising a population of wild animals twice the size of those found in our National Parks, but also giving these private owners the incentive for getting involved in research and conservation.


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